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Do you have a retail presence? Are your products vying for the coveted middle shelf slot, but you regularly find you are in the less desirable locations where customers can’t find you?


This is the age old problem with bricks and mortar - our products are at the mercy of the retailers, and who has the biggest muscles to flex in securing those golden shelf hotspots.


Fortunately for brands, Citrus Ads has made it easy to claim those hotspots via online stores. And the off-shoot of that is, your offline sales can grow too, irrespective of shelf placement. More on that later.


With Citrus Ads, brands can own premium shelf space on Waitrose AdsSainsbury’s Ads, Tesco Ads, Ocado Ads and Argos Ads, reaching customers at the point of purchase, and increasing the likelihood of making a sale.

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With eCommerce platforms reporting 80% of clicks and impressions coming via the top two rows of products, it’s essential that brand’s products feature in these placements to increase likelihood of ads to cart and purchases. Think of it like the middle shelf at the supermarket - the equivalent online is “above the fold”, on those prime top two rows of products. Offline we covet the middle shelf, online it’s all about the top shelf.


What kind of results can I expect?

Citrus Ads reports average ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) is generally between 2-4x, with average CPAs (Cost Per Acquisition) at £1.52. Conversions rates are as high as 60% for Tier 1 grocery brands.


There is huge additional value in the awareness generated from ads placed on retailer platforms. Not only do online sales grow, but offline in-store sales can grow too. A bio-degradable wipes brand saw in-store sales grow by 18%, alongside online sales growth of 40%, within 13 days of running Citrus Ads.

For brands with a retail presence, there really is no better ad platform. You are reaching customers that are showing purchase intent, right at the moment they are ready to buy.


Across Search, Aisle and BannerX ad placements, we help new, challenger and established brands gain a larger market share in-store at many of largest supermarket retailers - Sainsburys, Tesco and Ocado.

Below is a comparison of retailers.

Citrus Ads search keywords.png
Citrus Ads Retailer Comparison.png


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