Shandy Shack

We partnered with Shandy Shack post fundraise to increase the volume of first time customers at a sustainable CPA, as well as increase the amount of repeat purchasers and subsequent lifetime value.


Using a lead hook on site and a migration from Mailchimp to Klaviyo, we were able to nurture consumers through from one time orderers to Shandy advocates.

Project Name

Having successfully secured a permanent listing in Sainsbury’s, Shandy Shack needed to continue to grow and develop their DTC offering.


Previously they had relied on interest based targeting, the approach needed to shift to growing and harnessing owned customer data to fuel digital activity. Email sequences were developed for both buyers and non buyers to prevent any leaky buckets around customer touchpoints.

 1. Geo targeting around key retail sites and promotional periods

2. Data capture to building mailing list and first party data to use in Lookalike audiences


3. Press coverage seeded in ad content from This Morning and Sunday Brunch to build social proof


4. Traffic drive to key retail partners Sainsbury's to increase brand visibility


5. Increase Customer Lifetime Value by migrating to Klaviyo and implementing 12 automated flows and 12 tactical campaigns